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Facebook renamed ‘Meta’ which means ‘dead’ in Hebrew

CORRECTION: Per comments below, Facebook is changing its corporate name to Meta. It’s social media site will continue with the Facebook name.

It finally happened. Facebook is changing its name to ‘Meta’. Though its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, tried to brand the name change as part of its changing focus and transition to a 3D universe, most believe that it’s trying to escape the mountain of negative press the social media giant has received over the past several years.

But the new name has an odd twist, as it means ‘dead’ in Hebrew:

And some have even started a hashtag on Twitter to honour the name change, @facebookdead.

The Daily Wire reports that this is not the first time a name has caused problems in other languages.

As the BBC noted, this isn’t the first time a company has faced ridicule over a rebranding choice.

In the 1980s, KFC’s “finger-lickin’ good” translated to Mandarin as “eat your fingers off.” Rolls-Royce had to change the name of its “Silver Mist” model, as “mist” translates to “excrement” in German. And Nokia’s “Lumia” phone is also a synonym for “prostitute” in Spanish.

READ: ‘Meta’: Facebook’s New Name Mocked Online, Means ‘Dead’ In Hebrew

Check out this fact check of a Facebook fact check on a Jimmy Dore video on COVID vaccines (language warning):

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