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I will show you a better way

Credit: Patrick Fore/unsplash.com

When we find ourselves in a messy situation where there is confusion and doubt, I wonder if there isn’t a message in it for us. 

And, maybe the message is the Holy Spirit saying, “hold on here, slow down because I want to show you a better way through these circumstances. 

The Bible talks about God making the path of life known to us.

You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.” (Psalm 16:11)

This verse expresses God’s desire for us to know Him and experience happiness in our lives. There is a better way of doing things.

It’s what happened to me several year’s back. I was in a very uncomfortable situation in our church, where I was experiencing rejection from people. No matter what I did, or how hard I tried to gain their approval, nothing changed. In fact, the rejection seemed to get worse.

I wanted to defend myself and attack back, and as long as I continued on that path, things just steadily got worse.

It wasn’t until my sister stepped in and offered me a way out, that things started to change.

I spent three weeks of in depth counselling that helped me look inward and ask some tough questions about the way I perceived myself. 

It was hard and at times and I just wanted to run and hide. I did not want to face the truth about what was surfacing in my life.

I learned that happiness did not come from the actions and approval of others, which is what I was desperately seeking. But all that meant is that I valued other’s opinions of me more than God’s, and I was allowing their rejection to affect me.

I learned true happiness is about God and me. It was more than just understanding that Jesus loves and values me, it means going to the next stage and actually believing it.

I needed to know that God’s opinion and approval was more important than any person could offer.

The better way, the path to life, that the Bible talks about, involves your relationship with God and knowing that your life is about you and not everyone else.

This can be hard to grasp as many of us grew up with the idea that others were more important than us, our spouses, kids, etc.

Knowing that our health, happiness and well-being matters to God is the path to life. 

Rejection at work, church and in relationships will continue to affect every aspect of our lives, until we are willing to look inward and ask the hard question: Am I needing the approval of others to find fulfillment in my life?

And, until you are willing to deal with your personal insecurities, rejection will follow you wherever you go.

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