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Tolerant, left-wing agitators destroy pro-life display at Oxford

Oxford University in Britain
Credit: Chensiyuan/Wikipedia/ Creative Commons 4.0

The talk of tolerance on universities is a bit of a joke. For many of those woke, left-wing students, it really means they only tolerate those who agree with their opinions.

Such as what happened at Britain’s Oxford University, when in the name of tolerance, left-wing students destroyed a Christian pro-life display set up for Fresher’s Fair.

Several brave left-wing anarchists decided to attack when there was only a single woman manning the display. The old saying, Cowards run in packs, seems applicable here.

The Daily Mail reports that the attackers ripped down the posters and tried to throw the literature and pamphlets into the garbage. The intimidation tactics left the woman ‘frightened’ and ‘nervous’.

The brave attackers backed away when Campus security showed up.

Oxford University condemned the attack, telling students it strongly supported the principles of free speech. The Oxford Student Union also criticized the assault, but added it was forced to allow the pro-life display at the fair because of Oxford’s policy on free speech.

READ: Oxford University condemns protestors who destroyed Christian pro-life society stall at Freshers’ Fair and left members ‘frightened and nervous’

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