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Activism + science = politicized science?

Science has been invaded by activism, and when this happens, it becomes political science, with an agenda.

Do you remember hearing about the “Bee-pocalypse” a few years back?

I certainly did.

Scientists were claiming that the populations of honey bees were in decline and the consequences would be devastating, unless we immediately did something:

Well, the Washington Examiner had an interesting article on this subject as it alleges:

In Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse, Goulson laments mankind’s “chemical onslaught on nature.” He says it’s a crime “akin to genocide.” And unless we immediately follow his prescriptive advice — banning modern pesticides but not highly toxic organic pesticides, eating less meat, and generally adopting the radical environmental movement’s agenda — we are all doomed.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, but facts and evidence are not Goulson’s strong point. He rose to international prominence a decade ago as one of the loudest voices warning us about collapsing honeybee populations. This was dubbed at the time the “Bee-pocalypse.” Goulson also made his name pressing for the European Union’s 2013 ban on the “neonic” pesticides that environmentalists claimed were responsible for the bee genocide.

The Bee-pocalypse was utter fiction . Honeybee populations have been rising  in the EU, North America, and every habitable continent on the planet since neonics were first commercialized in the mid-1990s. A year later, we learned that Goulson was a central player in the “BeeGate Scandal ,” in which activist scientists conspired to precook the conclusions of their studies to create a “stronger scientific basis” for the EU ban.

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Of course, this is not the first time we have seen this. In 2020, several scientists wrote a letter defending the Wuhan Institute of Virology, that many suspect was the source of the COVID outbreak.

These scientists called it a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Then, we found out this: READREVEALED: 26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers

And they wonder why people are increasingly finding it difficult to ‘trust the science.’

As soon as an issue is politicized expect the science to follow.


There is an old saying, follow the money.

The Daily Caller reports:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) said Wednesday that it is unable to keep pace with the high volume of complaints it receives over grantees allegedly violating rules that mandate they disclose support from China and other countries.

NSF has recovered $7.9 million from 23 grantees who failed to disclose foreign funding for their projects. While NSF does not track demographics of researchers, scientists with ties to China made up all but one of the cases, according to the publication Science.

READ: Once-Secret Chinese Infiltration Has Overwhelmed A Top US Science Funder

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