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Is America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan a fulfillment of Islamic end-times prophecy?

The Arg, Afghanistan’s Presidential Palace in Kabul.
Credit: US secretary of Defence/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

Similar to Christianity, Islam also has an end times theology that involves the arrival of a Muslim Messiah, who will set up Islam on world-wide scale. This person is referred to as the ‘Mahdi’

According to CBN, the take over of Afghanistan by the Taliban, after America’s withdrawal, is now being heralded as a fulfilment of prophecy paving the way for the arrival of the ‘Mahdi.’

It reports that the radical Islamic group’s twitter page is specifically referencing ‘black flags’, that are tied to the Islamic end times. The radical Islamic group states, “Black flags will arise from Khorasan and nothing will be able to return them.”

According to author Joel Richardson, the reference to black flags from Khorasan, which is located in Afghanistan, is connected to the arrival of the Islamic Messiah.

In a webinar sponsored by CBN, Richardson explained:

“It says an army will come from Khorasan carrying black flags and then it says this: ‘If you see them give them your allegiance.  Even if you have to crawl over ice.  Because this is the army of the Mahdi,’ or in English, you can just say the Mahdi, the vice-regent of Allah.  So, this is one of their biggest end-time prophecies.”

Author Joel Richardson

And according to CBN, this was confirmed by Sheikh Imran Hosein, an Islamic end times expert, who reported on his YouTube channel that the Muslim army emerging from America’s withdrawal will not only herald the coming of the Mahdi, but will also pave the way for the capture of Jerusalem:

“Afghanistan is the heart of Khorasan. What is happening in Afghanistan is validating the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad … that the Muslim armies designed to come out of Afghanistan, of Khorasan…no one will be able to stop it until it reaches Jerusalem.” 

Sheikh Imran Hosein

Historically, the greater Khorasan area referred to in this Islamic prophecy includes an area that is now part of Afghanistan and Northeastern Iran.

Though this is referencing the coming of the Mahdi, the Koran also states that Jesus will return at the same time to help set up the Islamic world-wide Caliphate.

Jesus is considered a prophet of Islam, and the Koran speaks of Him performing several miracles and many Muslims consider Jesus as a healing prophet.

However, the Koran states that the disciples were mistaken when they reported that Jesus had died on the cross. According to the Koran, this never happened, but it adds that Jesus was taken to heaven before He died. Since the Lord is still alive, this in turn paves the way for His return with the Mahdi.

And since Jesus is still alive, Muslims are profoundly affected by visions and dreams involving Christ, and the Holy Spirit is using this openness to lead thousands of Muslims to salvation.

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