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Natural immunity vs COVID passports

With governments pushing for vaccine passports, and demanding that people be fully vaccinated before they are allowed to participate in society such as working, going to school, receiving needed medical care, flying, and eating inside restaurants:

One wonders if it’s really about protecting people or more about power and control.


Because most are refusing to recognize the natural immunity a person acquires after recovering from COVID and we know that 97.7% of those who contract COVID do recover.

And it seems that natural immunity may be twice as good as some vaccines. READ: Pfizer vaccine less effective after 6 months: study AND Evidence Piles Up That Covid Immunity Among Previously Infected People May Be Long-Lasting AND New study reveals antibodies from fighting COVID-19 infection can last more than one year AND Immunity weakens faster in men than women within months of Pfizer’s second shot, study finds

In other words, all those who contracted COVID since early 2020 have a natural immunity to the virus.

A simple antibody test would tell the story.

And as a reminder, contrary to what the mainstream media suggests, COVID is NOT an automatic death sentence. Below is a list of the survival rates, by age group, for people who contract the virus, compiled by two Stanford University professors, Catherine Axfors and John P.A. Ioannidis. (Note: this is from a pre-print version of their article submitted to medRix. This means it has yet to be peer-reviewed.):

70+97.6% (non institutionalized, not in a care home)
70+94.5% (all)

READ: Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in community-dwelling populations with emphasis on the elderly: An overview

And here is report from the Lancet on the declining effectiveness of vaccines:

Effectiveness against infections declined from 88% (95% CI 86–89) during the first month after full vaccination to 47% (43–51) after 5 months. Among sequenced infections, vaccine effectiveness against infections of the delta variant was high during the first month after full vaccination (93% [95% CI 85–97]) but declined to 53% [39–65] after 4 months. Effectiveness against other (non-delta) variants the first month after full vaccination was also high at 97% (95% CI 95–99), but waned to 67% (45–80) at 4–5 months. Vaccine effectiveness against hospital admissions for infections with the delta variant for all ages was high overall (93% [95% CI 84–96]) up to 6 months.

READ: Effectiveness of mRNA BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccine up to 6 months in a large integrated health system in the USA: a retrospective cohort study

If vaccine passports are just about protecting people from COVID, then naturally attained immunity should automatically be included. Everyone who caught COVID is more than double vaccinated.


  1. dolphinwrite says

    I’ve always been wary of “one size fits all”, advertisers, and those who appear “in the know,” but I can’t see their trail. Always think for yourself and accept the responsibility for that, I always say. The alternative is living in doubt, unhappiness, and darkness.

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