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Study reveals wolves in sheep’s clothing on Facebook

Relevant Magazine is reporting that in 2019, 19 of the 20 most popular Christian pages on Facebook were operated by major troll farms out of Eastern Europe, primarily from Kosovo and Macedonia.

In other words, 95% of the top 20 Christian facebook pages were operated by wolves or fake Christians.

According to a documents leaked to MIT Technology Review, a study, ordered by Facebook, indicated that these trolls were purposefully targeting American Christians with provocative content.

Facebook’s algorithm then sent their articles to the news feeds of millions of Christian users and combined together, articles from these 19 pages were viewed by over 75 million users each month.

A former senior Facebook Data scientist, Jeff Allen, stated in the report, “Our platform has given the largest voice in the Christian American community to a handful of bad actors, who, based on their media production practices, have never been to church.

READ: In 2019, Almost All of Facebook’s Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms AND Troll farms reached 140 million Americans a month on Facebook before 2020 election, internal report shows

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