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Has the final resting place of Noah’s ark been discovered?

The unique boat like structure at Durupinar site in Turkey fits the Biblical dimensions of Noah’s ark.
Credit: Mfikretyilmaz/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

One of the more notorious Biblical mysteries revolves around the possible location of Noah’s Ark.

We know from the Biblical record that the ark’s final resting place was in the Mountains of Ararat, located in modern Turkey.

and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. (Genesis 8:4 NIV)

The exact mountain on which it stopped is uncertain and in dispute.

However, a British newspaper, The Sun, is reporting that a group of Biblical archaeologist had some interesting results after doing a 3D scan of a boat-like formation on Mount Tendüek, approximately 2,000 meters above sea level, located in Eastern Turkey near the town of Agri.

According to the researchers connected with Noah’s Ark Scans, the shape fits the dimensions of the Ark which was said to be 300 cubits long or approximately 150 meters (about a third longer than a typical American football field which is 110 meters from goal post to goal post).

According to reports, the unique formation was first discovered on May 19, 1948 by a shepherd in the area after three earthquakes, heavy rains and landslides exposed the formation.

However, it was a captain in the Turkish airforce, İlhan Durupınar, that brought it to international attention in 1959 after he released aerial photos of the boat-like structure.

The site, since named Durupinar, has been investigated and though geologists refer to it as a ‘freak of nature’ because of its unusual shape, believe it is a naturally occurring geological formation and not the fossilized remains of Noah’s ark.

However, the recent ground penetrating scans of the formation has turned up some interesting results that may suggest it is man-made.

According to the project’s website, the scans revealed parallel and right angled lines eight to 20 feet below the surface, that are not typically found in naturally occurring geology, writing on its website:

These parallel lines and right angles below the surface are something you would not expect to see in a natural, geologic formation. Interestingly, the boat formation has also been confirmed to be the exact length of the ark given in the Bible (Genesis 6:15).”

The Sun adds that several researchers, including a group of Turkish scientists, have received the necessary permits to do a more intensive investigation as the site.

Adding to the mystery, several Arzap stones have also been found near the unusual structure.

These man-made, free-standing pagan ‘holy stones’ are found through out Armenia and suggest that at some point ancients considered this a holy place.

As we look at the Biblical record, the earth spun off into different cultures and languages at the Tower of Babel, recorded in Genesis chapter 11.

Though at this point, these different language groups began creating their own unique histories, everything prior to Babel, including Noah’s ark and the world wide flood, would be common history.

This is why we find mentions of a world wide flood in ancient cultures from the Aborigines in Australia, to the Hawaiians, tribes in South and North America and even the Chinese.

If Drupinar is the final resting place of Noah’s ark, and that is still far from certain, it would explain why the ancients considered the place sacred.

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