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Covid chaos on ‘The View’

The View, Sept 24, 2021
Credit: The View, Twitter capture

The Blaze is reporting that there was ‘chaos’ on set of ABC’s The View talk show this morning, as co-host Joy Behar was about to introduce US Vice President Kamala Harris to the audience.

Apparently producers stopped the proceedings in midstream and told two of the hosts, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, to get off the set.

Confused, Behar was uncertain was going on and asked if she was to continue with the show and got conflicting answers of ‘no’ and ‘yes’ shouted at her from off stage.

At that point, Behar called for a commercial break to find out what was going on.

She returned after the break with the message that both Sunny and Ana, who are fully vaccinated, had tested positive for COVID.

It appeared initially that the two remaining hosts, Behar and Sara Haines would continue with the interview of VP Harris, as people were seen wiping down the set.

However, that was also cancelled, as the decision was made to for Behar to interview the Vice President remotely, as the two sat in separate rooms in the same building.

READ: Chaos breaks out live during ‘The View’ as co-hosts test positive for COVID-10 mid-show — with VP Kamala Harris backstage

And this will only add to the confusion:

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