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A few tweets on what is going on down-under

Melbourne, Australia
Credit: Melbpal/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Australia, along with New Zealand, have some of the worst vaccinations records in the world. Their politicians initially took a different approach to COVID and decided to defeat it by imposing some of the harshest lockdowns.

They initially employed a zero approach strategy to COVID. Meaning if one person tested positive for COVID, the extreme lockdowns were imposed. Of course, zero COVID failed, as everyone knew it would.

Many epidemiologists believe COVID is not going anywhere and we need to start learning how to live with it.

When zero-COVID failed, some politicians, particularly Victoria Premier Dan Andrews and New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian decided to push vaccines and went extreme on that as well.

You can only bully people for so long, before they start pushing back. Below are a few Tweets explaining what is happening, as it appears thousands of Australians have reached the tipping point:

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