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Blood-red river in Jordan: Orthodox Jews wonder if it’s a sign of the Jewish Messiah’s imminent arrival?

A river in Jordan turns blood-red. Credit: YouTube Capture

Breaking Israel News (BIN), an orthodox Jewish website, recently reported on how a river in Jordan, that typically runs glass-like clear, mysteriously turned bood-red almost overnight. BIN wondered if this was a sign indicating the soon arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

According to BIN, the river is located in Jordan’s Karak region and has its source in springs located in the Ghor Al-Haddetha mountains.

Jordan’s Ministry of Water is apparently taking samples to discover why the water suddenly turned red. But it is suspected that it was caused by Donaliella salina, an alga that emits a red-coloured substance. This alga, however, typically thrives in warm salt water.

Though Orthodox Jews reject Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, they still believe their Messiah is coming.

And similar to Christians who believe God will send a series of signs before the Second Coming of Christ, BIN reports that Orthodox Jews believe there will be signs leading to the Jewish Messiah’s imminent arrival.

One of those signs is water turning blood-red.

This is based on a verse in Micah that suggests prior to the arrival of the Messiah, the world will experience the plagues that God poured upon Egypt leading to Israel’s Exodus from captivity. The first of those plagues involved turning the Nile into blood (Exodus 7:14-25).

“As in the days when you went out from the land of Egypt,
I will show you miracles.”
(Micah 7:15 NASV)

The New Testament also talks about the rivers and springs turning to blood, leading up to the second coming of Christ (Rev 16:3-4 see also Rev 8:8-9).

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