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Study: Businesses fleeing California rapidly accelerating in 2021

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

According to a study published by Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, so far this year, California has lost more businesses in 2021, than it did in all of 2020.

It’s not very complicated, the woke Californian government, led by Democrat Gov Gavin Newsom, has imposed such high taxes and restrictive regulations, that businesses are looking for places where they can survive.

And they are taking thousands of jobs with them and not surprisingly last year was the first time, in nearly 200 years, that California saw its population shrink.

According to the Freedom for Economic Education, the Hoover study reported that the number of business leaving California in the first six months of this year, was double that of the same time frame in 2020. The researchers added that the actual number for 2021 is probably much higher.

But it is not just high taxes and restrictive regulations that are driving businesses out of the state, the Hoover study said the business owners cited several reasons for leaving:

“high tax rates, punitive regulations, high labor costs, high utility and energy costs, and declining quality of life for many Californians which reflects the cost of living and housing affordability.”

READ: Stanford Study: More Businesses Have Already Fled California This Year Than in All of 2020

There were several articles in 2020 about the major hi teach businesses who have already abandoned California. READ: Adios California, Oracle the latest tech firm to leave California for the wide open (low tax) Lone Star State AND HPE to move HQ from Silicon Valley to Texas, says Lone Star State is ‘attractive’ for recruitment, retaining staff AND List of companies leaving California grows, citing high tax burden, cost of living

And, if a person needs an explanation of why taxes are so high in California, you only have to read this article: READ: Why Lifeguards in California Are Making More Than the Governor

And, for an explanation on why people are concerned about California’s quality of life, earlier this year, a reporter was robbed by two armed men as he was interviewing people on the rising crime rates in San Francisco.

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