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China’s former anti corruption chief accepted $70 million in bribes

Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
Credit: Haha169/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

The Daily Mail reports that a former head of Communist China’s anti-corruption office has been arrested for allegedly accepting over US$70 million in bribes.

According to reports, Dong Hong, 67, who served as the anti-corruption agency’s deputy leader until 2018, was recently arrested having been accused of receiving bribes for nearly two decades while he served several key positions with the Chinese Communist Party including several years in the anti-corruption office.

READ: One of China’s top anti-corruption chiefs is charged with accepting £51 million in bribes

RELATED: The CEO of one of communist China’s largest vaccine manufacturers that is producing a vaccine for COVID was previously charged with bribing regulators who approved the vaccines developed by the company. READ: Chinese Company Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Previously Bribed Regulators For Other Vaccine Approvals

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