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Has the Taliban seized billions of dollars in US military equipment?

US Army Black Hawk Helicopter
Credit: U.S. Department of Defense/Wikipedia/Public Domain

According to an article in the New York Post, President Joe Biden’s botched handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has resulted in the Taliban seizing billions of dollars of American weapons that had been previously given to the Afghanistan army.

According to the report, the American government has giving the Afghan army over $28 billion in weapons since 2002, including several helicopters gifted over the past couple of months.

Provided they have not been damaged or destroyed, the Taliban now potentially has access to upwards of 600,000 assault rifles, nearly 20,000 night-vision goggles, 200 aircraft including Black Hawk helicopters, 2,000 armoured vehicles and as well several military drones.

Some have suggested the night vision goggles are the biggest concern as it allows the Taliban to operate at night.

According to the report, over the past four years, the American army gave the Afghan army, “7,035 machine guns, 4,702 Humvees, 20,040 hand grenades, 2,520 bombs and 1,394 grenade launchers.”

Of course, the Taliban is expected to use this treasure trove of American weaponry to suppress the people of Afghanistan. But there are also concerns that the Taliban may also arm other Islamic extremist groups such ISIS and as well provide Communist China and Russia access to American high-tech equipment.

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