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Survey: American’s fear of COVID is greatly exaggerated

People have a greater fear of COVID than the virus actually deserves. And this showed up in a recent Gallup survey that revealed over a third of Americans believe that half the people who come down with COVID are hospitalized.

According to FEE, it didn’t stop there, only 18% of Americans were actually able to provide the right answer that only between 1% and 5% of Americans are hospitalized if they come down with COVID.

In other words, 95% of Americans who catch COVID are NOT hospitalized and a significant percentage of them don’t even know they have the virus, as they are either asymptomatic or are blaming their mild sniffles on the cold or allergies.

Overall, 60% of Americans believe your chances of being hospitalized from COVID is ten times higher than it actually is.

There is only one reason for this, Americans have been terrorized by the mainstream media, health officials and politicians.

READ: Americans Are Wildly Misinformed about the Risk of Hospitalization from COVID-19, Survey Shows. Here’s Why

The same thing happened in Canada, where we’ve had nearly 27,000 COVID deaths.

So, how many of those deaths were under the age of 60?

The answer is simple, more Canadians under the age of 60 die in car accidents in a typical year than from COVID:

  • As of Aug 6, 2021, 1,574 people under the age of 60 died of COVID over the past year and a half. (Note: this is not a yearly statistic.)
  • 85% of the deaths were over the age of 70 and most of them were living in care homes. Health officials were so obsessed with locking down the whole country, they failed to protect the ones most vulnerable to the virus.

READ: Number of COVID-19 deaths in Canada as of August 6, 2021, by age

We need to respect COVID, but we shouldn’t be terrified of it.

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