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Chaos in Kabul as the Taliban take over Afghanistan

Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan
Credit: seair21/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

After US President Joe Biden decided to abandon Afghanistan and its women to the Taliban, scenes are emerging of the chaos at the airports as Afghanistan people try to get on the departing planes fleeing the rapidly approaching Taliban.

If you look at the video, most of them trying to get out of the country are young men, a point that a few on Twitter noted:

Because Islam allows a man to have up to four wives and basically an unlimited number of concubines, you end up with thousands of men who are unable to get married, because of a lack of available women.

I think you are seeing hundreds of men with no hope of raising a family in Afghanistan.

The Taliban also gets most of its recruits from this huge population of single males, and as towns and cities fall, Taliban soldiers are going door to door looking for unmarried girls as young as 12 to use as wives or sex slaves. READ: Advancing Taliban are going door-to-door and forcibly taking girls as young as TWELVE to be sex slave wives for their fighters as they sweep across Afghanistan

RELATED: Evacuation flights halted after US soldiers shoot dead two armed Afghans while three are run over by taxiing military jets, and more plunge to their deaths after clambering on the fuselage – as UN say Taliban have started ‘targeted killings’

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Meanwhile, at CNN… READ: CNN’s Ward: Taliban ‘Chanting ‘Death to America’ but They Seem Friendly at the Same Time’ AND CNN Correspondent Dons Burqa On-Air Following Taliban Takeover

But President Biden did have some advice for those Americans still trapped in Afghanistan — ‘HIDE’? READ: Biden Admin Does the Unthinkable with Instructions to Terrified Americans Trapped in Kabul

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The President of Afghanistan has already fled Afghanistan, and there is worldwide condemnation of President Biden’s decision to abandon the country. READ: Biden’s statement ‘washing hands’ of Afghanistan ‘is one of most shameful in US history’: Left and right-wing media unite in condemnation of America’s ‘chaotic retreat’ and ‘betrayal’ of Afghan people

Everywhere, that is, except Communist China that according to reports is ready to recognize the new Taliban government. READ: Report: China Prepares To Recognize Taliban As The New Government In Afghanistan

Meanwhile, on social media… READ: Trump Barred From Twitter, But ‘Official’ Taliban Spokesman Allowed To Tweet

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