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Study: Annual flu shot may reduce COVID complications

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine reveals that the flu shot, that many people typically receive in the fall, may also help people when dealing with some of the more severe symptoms of COVID including blood clots, sepsis and risk of stroke.

Study Finds added that the study also discovered that people who had received a flu shot were also less likely to be hospitalized after coming down with COVID or to be admitted to an Intensive Care Unit.

The researchers came to the conclusion after studying the medical records of 75,000 people from several countries, including the US, UK, Singapore, Israel, Italy and Germany.

They divided them into two groups of 35,000 with one group made up of people who had received a flu vaccine and the second group made up of those who hadn’t.

A comparison of the two groups revealed that the those who DID NOT receive a flu vaccine were:

  • 60% more likely to be hospitalized for COVID;
  • 20% more likely to be transferred to an Intensive Care Unit because of COVID complications;
  • 58% more like to suffer from a stroke; and
  • 40% more likely to develop blood clots.

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