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Poll: Secular Americans, less likely to be vaccinated for COVID, than Christians

While some in the mainstream media are focussing on Evangelical Christians as one of the largest groups resisting the COVID vaccine, a study of the results of a May poll by Eastern Illinois University Assistant Political professor, Ryan Burge, has come to a different conclusion.

His analysis of the data from a survey conducted by Data for Progress, revealed that it was the “young and secular” who were actually leading the unvaccinated charge.

Burge wrote:

“I don’t find a lot of evidence that evangelicals are the ones lagging behind. In fact, I find that those without any religious affiliation were the least likely to have received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.”

Burge added that the results of the poll showed that in early May 2021, 62% of Evangelical Americans had received at least one vaccine shot. This compared to 72% of “non-evangelical Protestants” and 47% of the nones, those with no religious affiliation.

After accounting for multiple factors, such as race, education, age, income, and gender that affects a person’s willingness and in some instances even ability to get vaccinated, Burge concluded that evangelical Christians were no more likely to be unvaccinated that their equivalent secular counterparts.

Burge stated that this means, “a 30-year-old evangelical is no more or less likely to have gotten the vaccine in early May as a 30-year-old none.”

However, the Data for Progress poll did suggest that those Evangelical Christians who had not been vaccinated were more likely to state they had no intention of getting vaccinated, than other groups.

But this should be tempered by the results of a similar poll conducted by Pew Research in March 2021, that revealed only 54% of Christians would ‘definitely or probably’ get vaccinated.

By May 2021, the number of Christians who had received one vaccine was already 20% higher, meaning over that two-month period, many Christians, who originally stated they had no intention of getting vaccinated, had changed their mind.

There has been some resistance to vaccines due to reports of health issues, such as blood clots, but this would impact the religious and secular equally.

But I remember watching a Christian panel discussion recently, where one woman insisted that the COVID vaccine was the Mark of the Beast.

When the panel host asked what would happen to those Christians who had already been vaccinated, the women replied it was too late for them.

So, some actually believe that the Mark of the Beast hinges on a vaccine rather than loftier notions such as faith in Jesus? And does this also mean that in addition to a mark on our hand and forehead, we also have to be wary of a mark on our left shoulder?

Nevertheless, such views have gained a bit of ground and some prominent Evangelical pastors, such as Greg Laurie, have publicly addressed the issue stating that the COVID vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast.

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