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Is Communist China involved in Cuba?

Taxi located on a dark street in Trinidad, Cuba
Taxi located on a dark street in Trinidad, Cuba

With the recent protests sweeping across Cuba calling for an end to communism, the Western Journal reports that the Cuban government has sent out its elite Special National Brigade (BEN) to quell the dissent.

The Black Beret wearing soldiers are apparently trained in “sniper preparation and intervention tactics” according to ADN Cuba that released the information.

ADN, a media outlet opposing the Cuban regime, noted that members of BEN have been trained by Communist China’s military police, People’s Armed Police Force, that specializes in riot control.

This training has been going for the past six years, which suggests that Cuba’s communist government has been aware of a growing resentment to the regime for several years.

The Cuban government has been fostering a relationship with the Chinese Communist Party for decades. This includes having China develop Cuba’s internet infrastructure, that allowed the government to shut it down with a ‘flip of a switch’ during the recent protest.

With Cuba located only 90 miles away from the US, Communist China has a particular interest in Cuba. According to one report, Cuba has become the base for much of Communist China’s intelligence work in the region, that includes monitoring communications in the US.

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