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A tale of two Chinese Olympic celebrations

Taiwan is competing in the 2021 Olympics, but does it under the name of Chinese Tapei.

Both Taiwan and China were invited to participate in the Olympics in 1952, but controversy erupted when both countries entered under the name of China.

Taiwan subsequently withdrew and then rejoined under the name of Chinese Taipei.

But when a Taiwan athlete wins an Olympic medal, neither Taiwan’s national anthem is played nor the country’s flag displayed at the award-winning ceremony.

But, when Taiwan’s double badminton humiliated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), defeating the Chinese team in the final winning Olympic gold, they were still able to outrage the CCP when they dedicated their gold-medal win to Taiwan.

Predictably, the CCP took to social media, labelling the two Taiwan players as traitors.

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Meanwhile, there was also a second celebration, that revealed the CCP’s approved method of celebrating a medal win.

When two members of Communist China’s cycling team won gold, they took to the podium wearing a Mao badge, that honoured the legacy of arguably the world’s biggest mass murderer.

It is estimated that Mao is responsible for the deaths of at least 45 million Chinese, with many putting the number closer to 80 million.

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