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Is Sweden’s unique approach to COVID paying off?

View of Stockholm, Sweden
Credit: Jonatan Svensson Glad / CC-BY-SA 4.0 / via Wikimedia Commons

Sweden is now seeing two-week periods where no one dies of COVID. It’s a remarkable record considering just over 40% of the country’s citizens have been fully vaccinated.

So how did Sweden achieve this?

Sweden did two things, including one that flew in the face of the mass hysteria and severe lockdowns promoted by most western governments.

First, during the pandemic, other than shutting down major sporting and musical events, the government kept businesses, restaurants and schools open. Health officials even discouraged wearing masks. They believed the best way to stop the virus was to build up a herd immunity allowing those who were not vulnerable to the virus because of age or underlying health conditions, to catch COVID, and build up a natural immunity.

Secondly, once the vaccines were available, they focussed primarily on making sure those most susceptible to COVID were fully vaccinated first.


In America, the CDC is talking about masks for the vaccinated. READ: CDC and WHO recommend fully vaccinated should wear masks indoors.

Britain is still talking about a third or fourth lockdown (it’s hard to keep track) in the fall. READ: The UK Beat COVID-19, But Can It Beat Lockdowns?

Sydney, Australia, is bringing in the army to enforce its lockdown of six million people. READ: It Looks Like People Are Facing Total Medical Tyranny as Military Rolls Into Major City to Enforce COVID Lockdowns


Several studies are now stating that lockdowns were ineffective in dealing with COVID. READ: Stay-at-Home Lockdowns Made No Difference to Covid Deaths in U.S. States – Study AND Lockdowns DON’T work, study claims: Researchers say stay-at-home orders made no difference to coronavirus deaths around the world – but prior health levels DID

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