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Biden’s administration sends 27 Cuban refugees back to Cuba

Havana, Cuba
Credit: Scmresearcher/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

The Blaze is reporting the US Coast Guard sent out a news release bragging about how it caught 27 Cubans fleeing the communist regime and sent them back to Cuba, where they will undoubtedly face jail time.

People are asking why the Biden administration returns people to communist tyranny, while allowing 50,000 to cross America’s southern border illegally.

Many are also pointing out that the Biden administration has expressed more criticism of Cuban refugees, than the Cuban government that is violently cracking down on people critical of the regime

Human rights groups are reporting that approximately 740 people have been arrested or disappeared after thousands of Cubans took to the streets calling for an end to communism on July 11, 2021.

READ: Biden admin sends back 27 Cubans escaping oppressive regime while releasing 50K migrants from elsewhere into US without court dates

Young girl threatened with rape after arrest by Cuban police

A young 17-year-old girl in Cuba, Gabriela Zequeira Hernández, recently shared her experience after being arrested by the Cuban police.

She was on her way home from work at a hair dressing shop when she was arrested after stopping to watch a protest that she described as the biggest group of people she had ever seen.

After her arrest, Gabriela was stripped naked and the police of the glorious communist revolution even threatened to rape the young girl.

In a video posted on YouTube (see below), she explains:

“A woman officer told me, ‘Your mother is waiting for you here’ — which my mother didn’t even know — your mother is waiting for you here, which I cried from how impotent I felt — ‘Your mother is waiting for you here with a stick to beat you for being such a counterrevolutionary.’”

Having experienced first hand the dark side of the communist revolution, Gabriela, who was largely ambivalent about the protests, has changed her mind, stating:

“I want to send a message to all these minors, all these women, the mothers, too, like mine: keep struggling … the mothers, keep struggling so that they free all these women that have nothing to do with this.”

“It’s an injustice — even if you had done it [protested] — it feels like in the entire world there is freedom of expression and everything you say is respected. Here, it is not respected.”

READ: Cuba: Minor Arrested for Witnessing Protests Says Police Threatened to Rape Her

I am always perplexed how left-wing radicals who have never lived under communism are the ones promoting it in America and abroad. Meanwhile, those who actually live under it are trying to escape.

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