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Cubans take to the streets with cries for freedom

Over the weekend, thousands of Cuban took to the streets across the island nation calling for an end to its communist rule. It is the largest anti-government protest, that Cuba has seen.

Many of the protestor were young people crying ‘Freedom’, ‘Liberty,’ ‘Cuba Libre,’ ‘Enough and ‘Unite.’

Cuba has been a fiefdom of the Castro family for decades and with the resignation of Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul, as Cuban president in April 2021, people are feeling there is hope of change.

I guess they are sick and tired of the poverty, lack of food, and that little problem of inflation that could potentially hit 900%.

Predictably, Cuba’s current communist despot, President Diaz-Canel is blaming the US for the uprising.

READ: Biden administration ridiculed for claiming extraordinary Cuban street protests have been sparked by Covid as Miami mayor leads calls for US intervention in communist island

But have you noticed that people who live under communism want to end it, while those who have never experienced it are embracing it.

US President Joe Biden’s administration blames the protests on rising COVID cases.

Champagne socialist and millionaire Bernie Sanders who is the darling of the left is strangely silent as are several other left-wing radicals in the Democratic Party such as Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. READ: Democratic socialists ignore Cuban protesters railing against communist dictatorship AND Bernie Sanders silent on Cuban pro-freedom uprisings after praising Fidel Castro’s communist policies

Meanwhile, polls reveal that millions of young people in the West are embracing socialism. READ: A warning to Britain… The Woke are coming: US political pollster FRANK LUNTZ warns his research has found alarming evidence millions of young people in the UK are embracing a Left-wing creed that despises the country and could destroy it AND Over Half of Millennials Identify as Socialist. Here’s How to Change Their Minds.

RELATED: NY Times ripped for equating ‘freedom’ as ‘anti-government slogan

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the woke are trying to downplay the anti-communist protests by pushing President Biden’s COVID narrative. READ: Twitter Trending Minimizes Heroic Anti-Tyranny Cuban Protests: People ‘Helping To Spread Awareness’ of COVID Impact

Because of the COVID outbreak, I was just presuming that Cuba used the COVID vaccine manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party. Anyone who used China’s vaccines are seeing outbreaks. READ: China’s COVID-19 vaccines are being called into question after infections surged in countries using Chinese shots

Cuba didn’t. It decided to use a vaccine manufactured by another communist regime instead. READ: As the world vies for vaccines, Cuba’s making its own

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