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Is there a demonic side to COVID?

Bob Burckle serves as the president of the Eastern European Mission, whose primary goal is to print and distribute Bibles throughout Eastern Europe. Burckle has served as the organization’s president for 20 years.

In an op-ed for the Western Journal, Burckle shared his miraculous recovery from COVID.

The first hint that he was sick started with a complete loss in energy. He found it difficult to even stand up. After he went to the hospital, the nurse was shocked that he walked in, because the oxygen level in his blood was only 73%.

His COVID test came back positive and along with that, doctors also diagnosed him with bacterial and viral pneumonia.

He was immediately admitted to hospital and put on oxygen, a step below intubation.

He was extremely sick, and Burckle felt that death was a very real possibility.

But he sensed something else, Burckle also believed he was under spiritual attack from satanic sources and immediately put out a call to supporters for prayer as he lay in his hospital bed.

So, can disease have a satanic source?

Well, there is Biblical evidence to suggest it can.

In the book of Job, the Bible’s oldest book, we read how Satan received God’s permission to attack Job, in an effort to have him curse God.

Initially, Satan’s attacks focussed on Job’s wealth and family, but when that failed to turn Job against God, Satan received permission to attack Job personally, but could not take his life.

We are told that Satan “afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head” (Job 2:7 NIV)

I am not sure how Satan did this, but I don’t believe he created these boils out of thin air, but rather arranged for Job to come in contact with the bacteria that caused them.

But this disease was combined with a spiritual attack intended to cause Job to doubt and turn his back on God. Though Job remained faithful, we notice that it caused Job’s wife to lose her faith in God (Job 2:9).

In early June, Andy Becker, who writes for Opentheword, talked about his experience with COVID. Similar to Burckle, Andy had both a bacterial and viral pneumonia.

But Andy noted that there was something peculiar about his illness, stating that it had a dark side.

“What really struck me as the most significant issue of this illness,” said Andy, “was the darkness that accompanied it. It was a darkness that attacked my mind and my emotions and my spirit. I am not saying the Covid is spiritual. But in my experience, there is a spiritual dimension surrounding it that is going unreported. There was a sense of hopelessness, sadness, and doom.”

After Burckle sensed a spiritual element to his sickness, he asked for God to send angels to protect him, and fell asleep asking for God’s will to be done.

At 3:30 in the morning, he was awakened by a nurse asking how he was feeling. After Burckle mumbled ok, his nurse had some interesting news. Burckle writes:

There has been a dramatic drop in the amount of oxygen you needed in the last six hours. We have never seen anything like this. The doctors are baffled and have no idea as to its cause. You need to have a CT scan now. The doctors want to check for blood clots.”.

Further tests revealed no blood clots. Burckle had been healed.

I am not suggesting that COVID is spiritual, but I wonder if Satan has hijacked it for nefarious purposes.

We see in Job’s instance, the boils and spiritual attack were simultaneous, but separate. Though it was intended to have Job deny his faith, it was ultimately Job’s wife, who was not afflicted with boils, who denied her faith as she told Job to curse God and die.

And we see a similar thing happening today.

Since 2019, when COVID first broke out in Communist China having leaked out of a virology lab where most believe a bat virus was manipulated to infect humans, we have witnessed several high-profile Christians walking away from their faith:

  • Marty Sampson, Hillsong songwriter
  • Joshua Harris, Christian author and mega church pastor
  • Paul Maxwell, writer for Desiring God
  • Dave Gass, former mega church pastor
  • Jon Steingard, lead singer of Hawk Nelson

Is this just a coincidence, or is it symptomatic of a satanic attack that was launched simultaneously with COVID-19?

We are also seeing people increasingly plagued by a spirit of fear. Polling reveals that our fear of COVID far exceeds its actual danger. A survey in Holland revealed that people believe COVID is a lethal as Ebola that kills 50% of its victims. In contrast, 99.8% of people who contract COVID, survive.

And as well, we have witnessed democratically-elected governments becoming belligerently authoritarian and controlling.

This suggests there may be more to COVID than just a physical disease. There may also be a dark, spiritual side that must be addressed through prayer.

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