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Check your HOUSE PLANTS!

Rhaphidophora plant with typical green leaves.
Credit: Theoperatingsystem/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

According to an article in the National Post, a person living in New Zealand recently sold a houseplant for NZ$27,100 (US$17,500) after it was put up for bidding on an online auction site based out of New Zealand.

And to top it off, it only had nine leaves and was planted in 14 cm pot.

Apparently, 1,600 people had put the plant on their watch list, that even benefitted from a heated bidding exchange by two bidders in the last few minutes.

So what kind of plant would generate such interest?

Apparently it was a “very rare white variegated Rhaphidophora” that typically only have green leaves.

Not surprisingly, this was the most expensive houseplant to be sold on the website, but equally surprising it was not the only houseplant to sell for thousands of dollars. Last year, a variegated Minima sold for NZD$8,150.

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