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How a good Samaritan used faith to talk a man down

Photo of young man on sign structure over Tulsa, Oklahoma highway
Source: Facebook image capture@NewsChannel8Tulsa

This past Tuesday (June 15, 2021), Rick Jewell from Tulsa, Oklahoma was out with his son when he came across a young man who had climbed on top of a structure that holds up a sign over a highway near KTUL-TV. It appeared that the distraught man facing legal problems was planning to jump.

In the background was a large cross, that the TV station lights up on holidays.

For several hours, negotiators had been trying to talk the young man into coming down, but Jewell decided to step in and began to shout at the young man that “God Loved Him” and there was hope.

The Blaze explains what happened next:

“I just started out talking to him, and I told him that there was more to life than what he was doing, and that God loved him,” Jewell recounted to the station. “And he looked at me, and I told him throw me his cigarettes; he threw me those. I said, ‘Throw me that rope’; he threw me that rope. And I said, ‘Now get down from there.’ I said, ‘They’re gonna to help you.’ He headed down. Simple. It’s crazy.”

He reminded KTUL of the spiritual preparations he’d taken: “But I also told you what I did for 15 minutes over there before you showed up; I was praying. So, that had a lot to do with it, I’m sure.”

Jackson confirmed to the station that Jewell “told him that Jesus loves you, basically, and that you ain’t do no wrong, to come down, just ask for help. Bro, he came down!”

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  1. I believe your prayer before you entered the situation was key. God empowered you with the words that would connect with this man. Praise God!


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