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Do lockdowns expose government incompetence?

Here are some interesting stats on who was particularly impacted by COVID. In Canada, the median age of COVID deaths was 85 and two thirds of deaths were over the age of 80. In Italy, the median age for COVID deaths is 81 and 78 in the US.

As previously reported, in the Canadian province of British Columbia, two-third of the COVID deaths were living in nursing homes. READ: Exclusive | Investigation: 192 died in Vancouver care homes that delayed declaring coronavirus outbreaks

First, you ask why were whole countries locked down when it was clearly the elderly and those with underlying health conditions who were most vulnerable to the virus?

Secondly, does it demonstrate the utter incompetence of Health departments and politicians who were obsessing over lockdowns, rather than protecting those who were actually at risk?

As I have mentioned repeatedly, this pandemic changed from a medical problem to a political one, months ago.

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