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Canada: Children of pastor sob as dad arrested

The children of Pastor Tim Stephens sobbed and cried ‘daddy’ as the police in the Canadian city of Calgary arrested their dad for holding services in violation of the dystopian lockdown of that province.

It is no wonder people are now referring to the virus as COVID-1984.

It goes without saying, that snitches were involved. We are living in a new world.

According to reports, Fairview Baptist Church held services with upwards of 150 people. Allegedly, not all of them wore masks and not all social distanced according to families.

CBN adds:

What’s not mentioned often if at all in the media reporting surrounding this arrest is the fact that Canada’s COVID cases are plummeting.

There are 37 million people living in Canada according to the latest Census Bureau numbers, meaning just .0025% of people in the nation are getting COVID on a daily basis.

READ: ‘Daddy!’: Pastor’s Children Sob As Police Arrest Him for Violating COVID Orders Despite Massive Drop in Cases

Meanwhile, the Premier of Alberta, where Calgary is located, did this. READ: Premier of Canadian Province Arresting Pastors Breaks Dozens of COVID Orders in One Night

Also in Alberta. READ: GraceLife church takes Alberta Health Services to court, after government seized the church building

RELATED from the US: Govt Can’t Single Out Churches: Nevada to Pay $175K for Discriminating Against Christians

As CBN noted, the number of COVID cases is dropping in Canada because of vaccinations, and we have several studies reporting on how completely ineffective the lockdowns were in stopping the spread of the virus.

Here is a sampling:

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READStudy: Lockdowns have no impact on COVID-19 deaths

READLockdowns failed to alter the course of pandemic and are now destroying millions of livelihoods worldwide, JP Morgan study claims

READNew study: Coronavirus lockdowns don’t save lives

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