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Why Israel targeted the Associated Press building in Gaza?

The Iron Dome used to intercept and destroy missiles launched against Israel. Credit: Israel Defence Force/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 3.0

Israel got a lot of bad press when it destroyed the al-Jalaa building in Gaza that housed both Associated Press reporters and members of Hamas during the Israel’s most recent conflict with the terrorist organization. No one was killed when Israel destroyed the building.

A recent statement issued by the Israel’s ambassador to the US and the United States explained why the building was targeted.

Apparently, Hamas was building a device that would have interfered with Israel’s Iron Dome defence system that helped stop many of the 4,500 missiles launched by Hamas against Israel in the recent conflict.

Using radar, the Iron Dome launches short ranges missiles that intercept rockets fired on Israel. Only rockets that are expected to hit inhabited areas are targeted. The Iron Dome reportedly has a 90% success rate.

The Daily Wire explains:

On Tuesday, Israeli Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations Gilad Erdan issued a statement saying that when Israel bombed the al-Jalaa building in Gaza that housed employees of the Associated Press, an action for which the mainstream media condemned them, Hamas was using the same building to work on a device that would have rendered Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system ineffective, thus leaving Israel vulnerable to massive rocket attacks.

Erdan and the Israel Defense Forces gave information to AP CEO Gary Pruitt and the news agency’s vice president for foreign news, Ian Phillips, in New York, the Jerusalem Post reported. The Post noted, “Israel gave advance warning for the strike, and no one was killed.”

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