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A couple of stories from the do as I say, not as I do crowd

When The North Face, a woke clothing company announced it would no longer supply its popular coats to oil and gas companies a protest against the fossil fuel industry, Liberty Oil Fields decided to run some billboards:

“Globally, 60% of all clothing fibers are made out oil and gas. For North Face, it is more likely 90% or more.”

READ: Oil & Gas firm CEO behind EPIC North Face troll: In a ‘woke’ world, TRUTH about fossil fuels is ‘controversial’

Meanwhile, Maya Wiley is running for mayor in New York City. She is also running on a platform to have funding cut from the New York Police Department. But Maya Wiley and her husband are wealthy, and while she is expecting New Yorkers to have less police protection, she and her husband pay to have private security patrol their rich neighbourhood. Her husband ordered the extra protection after allegedly getting mugged. READ: NYC’s ex-cop mayoral candidate Eric Adams slams ‘hypocrite’ opponent Maya Wiley for hiring her own security while leading calls to defund the police

While the government of the Canadian province of Alberta has fined and thrown pastors in jail for breaking COVID rules, the province’s premier and several cabinet ministers broke several lockdown regulations as they held a supper on a rooftop terrace in the province’s capital city, Edmonton. Alberta’s premier, Jason Kenny, has since apologized. READ: Premier of Canadian Province Arresting Pastors Breaks Dozens of COVID Orders in One Night

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