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10 American socialists who could live in North Korea

North Korean President Kim Jong-un
Credit: Wikipedia/ Commons 4.0

The Daily Caller recently did a spoof on the socialists of America who are dutifully obeying North Korean Communist dictator Kin Jong-un’s declarations on what comrades of the revolution are allowed to have in terms of hair cuts and clothing styles.

Over the years, the Communist tyrant has condemned the decadent lifestyle of the West, and as well provided a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to hairstyles and clothing.

IN: Kim Jong-un’s goofy hairstyle.

OUT: Mullets.

OUT: Spiked and dyed hair.

IN: Required hair cut for men every 15 days.

OUT: Skinny Jeans.

IN: Men’s hair must be kept between 0.39 and 2 inches long, but balding men over 50 are allowed to grow their hair to 2.75 inches.

OUT: Piercings.

OUT: listening to pop music.

IN: 28 hair previously approved hair cuts for women on display at hairstylist shops. Married women are told to keep their hair short, while unmarried women are allowed longer hair.

IN: 10 pre-approved hairstyles for men displayed on posters at barbershops.

And in keeping with this theme, the Daily Caller provided the ten American socialists who could easily fit into North Korean society along with the reasons why.

Here are their top five:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Joe Biden
  • Amy Klobuchar

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