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Why did pro-Palestine mob attack Jewish diners in LA?

Israeli police patrolling the streets of Lod, Israel on May 11, 2021
Credit: Israel Police/Facebook Page/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

There have been protests around the world about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

Hamas started the conflict by launching 1200 missiles against Israel on Monday, May 10, 2021 and Israel retaliated in an effort to take out the missile sites and Hamas leadership.

Of course, if these protests in the West were just about Israel’s war with Palestine, why are pro-Palestine supporters attacking Jewish people eating a meal at a Los Angeles restaurant.

The report alleges about 30 pro-Palestine supporters came into the restaurant and asked who was Jewish, and proceeded to beat up two men who bravely held up their hands.

Fox News explains:

An alleged violent attack on Jewish diners by a mob of pro-Palestinian supporters in Los Angeles on Tuesday night was being investigated as a possible hate crime, and triggered condemnation from Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Video footage of the attack posted to social media shows a group attacking at least two people outside the Sushi Fumi restaurant in the city’s Beverly Grove neighborhood, west of downtown Los Angeles.

In a pair of tweets addressing the violence, Garcetti, a Democrat, wrote there was “no place for anti-Semitism, discrimination, or prejudice of any kind in Los Angeles. And we will never tolerate bigotry and violence in our communities.”

“We as a city condemn last night’s organized, anti-Semitic attack,” he added. “Jewish Angelenos, like all residents, should always feel safe in our city.”

READ: Pro-Palestinian mob accused of attacking Jewish diners in LA, possible hate crime

During Hamas’ last conflict with Israel in 2014, there were similar protests going on in the West in support of Hamas, but oddly there were no protests supporting Hamas in Middle Eastern countries.

NBC News provided the details:

As war raged, there were no protests against Israel in Damascus or Aleppo. Syrians are too busy tearing their cities down and killing each other to be preoccupied by yet another war between Israelis and Palestinians.

Palestinian flags weren’t raised in Baghdad either. Iraqis are busy ripping their nation into three pieces.

Saudi Arabia expressed sympathy for all the children killed as Israel flattened neighborhoods. like Shejaia on the outskirts of Gaza City, but held no demonstrations in solidarity with them.

Egypt went further than that. There were no demonstrations in Cairo, and Egyptian run-state media was openly hostile to Hamas, saying it deserved what Israel was dishing out.

READ: Hamas Learns It Has Few Friends In Latest War With Israel

I wonder why??

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