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Time for the liberal media to eat their words about Texas

On March 10, 2021, Texas Gov Greg Abbott ended the state’s lockdown and mask mandate, stating it was time for Texas to get back to work. US President Joe Biden described Gov Abbott’s decision as “Neanderthal thinking.” The mainstream media quickly joined the feeding frenzy, predicting dire consequences for Abbott’s reckless decision.

However, since Gov Abbott’s announcement, the number of COVID cases has been steadily declining and this week Texas reported a day when there was not a single death from COVID.

Fox News decided it was time for the left-wing media, who were condemning Abbott’s move, to eat their words. And just in case they forgot what they said, decided to remind them.

Here are a few of their predictions:

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin agreed, tweeting “Abbott is going to kill more Texans” while sharing her piece that called on the Biden administration to pull federal relief for the state in response to the early reopening.

Vanity Fair went bold with its headline, “Republican Governors Celebrate COVID Anniversary With Bold Plan to Kill Another 500,000 Americans.”

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza called Abbott’s order lifting the mask mandate a “head-scratching, anti-science decision.”

“Abbott’s move seems entirely motivated by politics rather than public health,” Cillizza insisted on March 3. “Doctors and public health experts continue to warn that letting down our guard — and our masks — at this point is a major mistake.”

READ: Texas reports zero COVID deaths months after liberal media predicted doomsday as Abbott reopened state

Yesterday, Gov Abbot signed legislation stating that local governments would be fined if they tried to impose a lockdown on their citizens. READ: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Fine Local Government Entities for Enforcing Mask Mandates

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