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Regular CNN contributor posts pro-Hitler tweet

CNN’s studios Credit: hyku/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Adeel Raja, a regular contributor to CNN who has written dozens of articles over the years, was recently caught with a pro Hitler, pro Nazi tweet that read “The world needs a Hitler.”

Raja quickly deleted it, but not before several captured it.

The Blaze provides the details:

A longtime contributor to CNN found himself in hot water after tweeting, “The world today needs a Hitler.” The inflammatory tweet, which could be interpreted as a call for the extermination of the Jewish people, was posted to Twitter on Sunday amidst the rising tensions and violence between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

The CNN contributor quickly deleted the post, but it sparked social media users to comb through his Twitter profile. Adeel Raja, who has written dozens of articles for CNN, also appears to have a history of posting ant-Semitic messages on Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. posted screenshots of the “Hitler” tweet as well as a CNN article that indicates Raja as a co-author, and his LinkedIn profile, where he describes himself as a “Freelance Contributor at CNN.”

“Hey @cnn this seems to be one of yours, but I imagine that surprises no one anymore,” Trump wrote.

READ: Longtime CNN contributor tweets, ‘The world today needs a Hitler’; has history of anti-Semitism

Of course, that got many wondering what else Raja has tweeted over the years.

Fox News provides a few of Raja’s past tweets:

After some digging, it turned out to be one of several messages Raja has posted praising the Nazi leader.

“The only reason I am supporting Germany in the finals – Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews!” Raja wrote during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Raja last had a CNN byline on Sept. 16, 2020. He still lists his affiliation with the network on LinkedIn.

“Hail Hitler!” he wrote the following day. Twitter users shared screenshots of the messages.

READ: Outrage after social media users discover series of Hitler-praising tweets from CNN freelancer

Not sure if this is related, but CNN’s ratings are in an absolute free fall:

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