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Exaggerated fear of COVID: Post pandemic, panic attacks?

Anesthesiologist Pooya Kazemi is part of a growing group of doctors critical of the lockdowns. In an interview with the National Post, he states with the rollout of the vaccines, the pandemic is in its final stages, but warns that countries will now dealing with the aftermath of fear left behind as the mainstream media, health officials and politicians grossly exaggerated the impact of the virus.

The National Post explains:

North America is now definitively entering the final days of COVID-19. Even in Canada — with ongoing third waves in both Ontario and Alberta — deaths remain way down from their January highs and mass vaccination is rapidly shielding whole sections of the population from lethal harm. But as our pandemic deliverance approaches, physicians and researchers are now warning of a new public health challenge: When normalcy arrives, many may refuse to accept it.

A familiar pattern has emerged whenever a pollster asks the public to gauge the risks of COVID-19: Across the board, people think the disease is deadlier and more pervasive than it really is.

A recent survey from the Netherlands found that Dutch people think COVID-19 is about as dangerous as Ebola — a disease that kills 50 per cent of its patients.

The article cites several polls that reveal how much COVID has been exaggerated. MUST READ: ‘Unjustified fears’: When COVID-19 anxiety stops making sense

And despite the new wave of panic about the variants:

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