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The Canadian gulags

First QUEBEC, where my favourite Montreal lawyer explains how Quebec has “weaponized” the health care system to punish the province’s citizens.

And on May 1, 2021, an estimated 100,000 Montrealers took to the streets protesting the lockdowns:

Drone view of the anti-lockdown protest earlier today in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.#LockdownProtest #manifencours #MontrealProtest— Marie Oakes (@TheMarieOakes) May 2, 2021

Then on to the Canadian province of MANITOBA, where the government has just implemented a whole new batch of Gulag lockdown restrictions.

And Steinbach online provided a comment by Manitoba Conservative Premier, Brian Pallister, that perfectly fits the modern definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Despite having some of the strictest public health restrictions and enforcement measures in the country, Manitoba’s COVID case numbers continue to rise, and this is concerning for all of us,” says Premier Brian Pallister. “All Manitobans must continue to do their part to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community. We recognize the next few weeks will be challenging, but these additional measures are necessary to halt the spread of this deadly virus and protect Manitobans and our health care system.”

READ: Significant Additional Restrictions To Hit Manitoba

That province desperately needs a new Conservative Party.

AND IN ONTARIO, the people are protesting the insanity taking place there and while they were protesting, the police decided to collect a few taxes.

And in ALBERTA, its citizens have resorted to underground church services and underground rodeos in an effort to reclaim their freedom.

And now we are hearing that NEWFOUNDLAND is verging on bankruptcy, again. READ: Rex Murphy: It’s ‘hard, hard times’ in Newfoundland. And it doesn’t look hopeful

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