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Judge refused gov’t request to close Canadian church

We previously reported how a pastor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada drove a health inspector and several police officers from his church after the health inspector demanded entrance.

Similar things are taking place in the province of Ontario where provincial health officials went to court to forcibly close the Church of God in the city of Aylmer that had remained open during the province’s Draconian lockdowns.

However, the government did not get the ruling it was expecting as the judge refused to give the government permission to close the church. The Church of God was represented by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.

LifeSite News explains:

AYLMER, Ontario, April 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian church will for now at least not have its doors closed to its faithful by police and health officials after a judge today denied an Ontario Attorney General’s request to shut the church doors because it has stayed open contrary to draconian COVID-19 health rules. 

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt of the Church of God located in Aylmer, Ontario, announced the news in a YouTube message posted today. 

READ: BREAKING: Judge denies gov’t request to close Canadian church that has defied coronavirus rules

This is the same province, where people along the Canadian/US border were using lights to send a Morris Code SOS to America calling for help as they were being held hostage in their own country.

And to prove their point, police have since charged several of the people for calling for help, and they could potentially face jail time. READ: Protesters Who Issued ‘SOS’ Signal Across U.S.-Ontario Border Slapped With Criminal Charges

The Ontario government recently instituted Draconian orders that gave police authority to randomly stop anyone out for a walk or driving a car and ask where they were from, why they were out and to provide their address. If they refused to answer they were to be jailed.

The province has also set border guards along its provincial borders to stop non-essential travel.

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