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Common denominator of mass shooters, missing dads

In his book, “The Boy Crisis,” author Warren Farrell noticed a common denominator among mass shooters. He said that most did not have a father figure in the home.

The Epoch Times recently interviewed Farrell:

“There’s common denominators among mass shooters, the most obvious is that they’re male—98 percent are male. A second common denominator is that they’re almost all dad-deprived males,” Farrell told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.” […]

In one example, a recent school shooter in Indianapolis did not have a father because in his early teens, his dad committed suicide. In another case, Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 in a mass shooting in Las Vegas, experienced his father imprisoned and went lengthy periods of time without seeing him. Adam Lanza, who authorities say opened fire in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, also did not often see his father, who was divorced from his mother.

READ: Most Mass Shooters ‘Dad-Deprived Males’: Author Warren Farrell

And it is not just mass shooters, in 2015, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, a black man, was being interviewed about the police shooting of another black man, Terrance Walker. He was shot after showing up with a gun at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend.

When asked to respond to criticisms of the incident by Walker’s mother, Clarke said:

“Well, what did his dad say? You know, we always hear what his mom says. You know, look, mom loves her son, we all get that. But shoot first and ask questions later — anytime a law enforcement officer is in a situation where a gun is introduced by a suspect, yeah, it’s shoot first, stop the threat, and then ask questions later.”

Clarke added:

“So what are we going to do in terms of having more effective parenting, more role-modeling, more engaged fathers in the lives of these young black men? The behavior is what we need to be talking about.”

READ: Sheriff lashes out at NAACP: ‘Number one cause’ of police shootings is black single mother homes AND Sheriff Slams NAACP Over ‘Shoot First, Ask Questions Later’ Comments

And fatherless homes don’t just impact crime, but also spirituality. READ: Did your absentee father make you an atheists?

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