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YouTube CEO mocked after receiving ‘Free Expression’ award

During an election in 2014, North Korea president Kim Jong-un announced that he had received 100% of the vote of 100% of the people in an election held in that country. Of course, there was only one candidate for president on the ballot, Jong-un, and people were asked to vote yes or no and not voting is as dangerous as voting no. He was mocked incessantly.

So, when YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, won a “Free Expression” award from the Freedom Forum, an event sponsored by YouTube, people mockingly pointed out the numerous times, that YouTube has censored conservative voices that the Social Media giant does not agree with.

The Blaze explains:

As you might guess, YouTube and Wojcicki were savaged, both for their history of squelching content and for sponsoring the award ceremony itself. Heck, the video itself received over 21,000 down votes compared to only 88 up votes as of Wednesday afternoon:

“Free Expression Award?” one Twitter user asked. “Are they having a laugh[?] Didn’t she just censor the governor of Florida speaking with medical experts[?]”

“LOL, YouTube receiving an award for free expression/pro first amendment is Orwellian s**t,” another Twitter commenter declared. “What’s next[?] Facebook getting an award for respecting privacy?” […]

“Well, at least this is a great example of free expression,” another user noted. “Just make up an award and give it to yourself.”

READ: YouTube CEO receives ‘Free Expression’ award — and mockery ensues over platform’s track record of crushing free expression

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