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Canadian doctor calls for a ‘zero COVID’ strategy

A Canadian doctor with a guaranteed salary, full bank account and no worries about making his mortgage and car payments is calling for governments to basically implement a permanent lockdown in Canada or at least until there are zero COVID cases.

Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that like the cold and flu, COVID is here to stay, and we will have to basically learn to live with it, but not Dr. Andrew Morris.

The CBC explains Morris’ plan:

Dr. Andrew Morris is calling on Canada to implement an “aggressive” national strategy to replace the country’s surging COVID-19 numbers with a single digit — zero.

Morris is an infectious disease specialist at Toronto’s Sinai Health System and University Health Network. He says skyrocketing coronavirus numbers in multiple provinces are proof that Canada’s piecemeal approach to the pandemic is doomed to fail. 

He’s one of several health-care professionals across the country calling on officials to implement whatever measures it takes to reduce transmission and infection rates to nothing at all. They’re calling it “COVID zero.” It’s an idea that Morris says his colleague Dr. Irfan Dhalla proposed back in May. 

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And to stop COVID from flying in from other countries, we simply have to put up large signs at our airports reading: “NO COVID VIRUSES PAST THIS POINT.” READ: Ottawa drops specific COVID-19 screening for travellers from Brazil as variant spreads throughout British Columbia AND Health Minister dodges questions about banning India flights. 33 flights carrying infected passengers arrived in Canada from Delhi so far in April.

Here is a sampling of a few experts who disagree with Morris simplistic beliefs that we can eradicate COVID, if everyone, but him of course, loses their job and tries real hard:

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