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Will the COVID chips be mandatory?

With some governments and medical activists demanding vaccine passports that will provide proof a person received a COVID vaccine, some wonder if they will also demand that people receive a computer chip, implanted under their skin, designed to detect COVID.

CBN explains:

Medical researchers at the Pentagon have been working to develop what is, in essence, a microchip capable of detecting a COVID-19 infection when inserted under the skin.

While it might sound like science fiction — or akin to the unfounded conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 vaccines currently in circulation are laced with microchips — the technological development is entirely true.

The “subdermal implant,” as scientists are calling it, is now in the late-stage testing phase and was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a top-secret Pentagon unit established during the Cold War to study emergent technologies for military use, “60 Minutes” reported.

READ: Pentagon Develops Microchip That Detects COVID When Inserted Under Skin

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