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A young girl protests the lockdown in BC, Canada

A cute video of a young girl showing her displeasure after health officials blocked access to a local park as part of its COVID lockdown in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Of course, we must not forget the video of city bureaucrats salting an ‘outdoor’ ice rink to prevent kids from skating.

Or that story about the toboggan hill. READ: VIDEO: Halton police respond to Oakville toboggan hill and disperse families for overcrowding concerns as man says daughter in tears

Yes, the science clearly shows that being outside is a COVID threat.

READ: Getting more sun linked to lower risk of dying from COVID-19

READ: One Year After Trump Was Mocked for ‘Sunlight’ COVID Comments, Research Shows It’s 8x More Effective Than Previously Thought

READ: Fresh air and sunshine CAN curb the spread of the coronavirus, says scientist on Government’s SAGE panel

Meanwhile, Health officials could at least pretend they care about the damaging impact that lockdowns are having on children.

READ: Depression Among Children Has Increased ‘Substantially’ Under Lockdown: Study

READ: 50,000 Children’s Surgeries Postponed, Deaths on Transplant Waiting List Near-Doubled Due to Lockdown: Report

READMore youth are dying of suicide, overdose than COVID-19 during pandemic: CDC director

READ: Loneliness From Months Of Lockdown May Have Lasting Impact On Children’s Mental Health

READ: The other side of COVID-19: Mental health challenges prevalent in youth

READ: More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids

READ: Italy Reports ‘Alarming’ Spike in Attempted Suicides Among Youth During Lockdowns

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