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Report: Communist China has brainwashing centres for Christians?

Revolutionary statues at the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong in Beijing, China

According to a report by Radio Free Asia (RFA), officials with the Chinese Communist Party have set up “mobile ‘brainwashing’ centers” in order to force Christians to renounce their faith.

Breitbart provides the details:

Eyewitnesses told Radio Free Asia (RFA) in a report published Thursday that Chinese Communist Party officials imprisoned them in mobile “brainwashing” centers designed to make them renounce Christianity, where they faced routine beatings, indoctrination, and solitary confinement designed to induce self-harm.

Li said he spent about nine months in a “mobile” torture facility run by the United Front Work Department.

“They use really underhand methods. They threaten, insult and intimidate you. These were United Front officials, men, women, sometimes unidentified, usually in plain clothes. The police turn a blind eye to this,” Li told RFA. “You have to accept the statement they prepare for you. If you refuse, you will be seen as having a bad attitude and they will keep you in detention and keep on beating you.”

“There were no windows, no ventilation and no time allowed outside. I was given just two meals a day, which were brought to the room by a designated person,” Li described. “I couldn’t sleep; after you’ve been in there a week, death starts to look better than staying there. I bashed myself against the wall to self-harm.”

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This should not surprise us because the Chinese Communist Party has also set up concentration camps for Muslim Uighers and are even exploiting them as slave labour. It is now being referred to as a genocide. READ: U.S. State Department Confirms The Finding Of The Uyghur Genocide, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Denies Yet Again AND China Moves Uyghur Muslims Into ‘Forced Labor’ Factories

Of course, if someone shows a cartoon of Muhammad in a Western country, their life is in danger. So, why aren’t Muslims strangely silent about the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of Uighers?

The Business Insider explains:

Many Muslim-majority countries aren’t speaking out because they don’t want to jeopardize their economic relationships in China, experts say.

Several states in Central Asia and the Middle East are part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a massive project launched in 2013 linking 78 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania through a network of railroads, shipping lanes, and other infrastructure projects.

Many of these deals entail China giving hefty loans to economies with a bad credit rating, which countries such as Pakistan are already finding difficult to repay. And it appears that these economic partnerships are stopping these countries from speaking out about Xinjiang.

READ: Why the Muslim world isn’t saying anything about China’s repression and ‘cultural cleansing’ of its downtrodden Muslim minority

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