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Lockdown Europe facing food crisis?

One economist is warning that Europe may be facing a food crisis in 2021 as a direct result of the COVID lockdowns instituted by European Union and its governments.

This shortage is being noticed in a steady increase in food prices over the past several months, with a staggering one-month increase of 2.2% in December 2020 over November.

Economist Martin Armstrong explains:

We are staring in the face of a serious food crisis in Europe as food prices rise continuously, and with further draconian COVID measures within the EU, they are bringing the food supply chains to a standstill.

All the indications that the world is heading for a serious food price crisis are in play. The Food Price Index (FFPI) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) averaged 107.5 points in December 2020, an increase of 2.3 points (2.2%) compared to November 2020, which represents an increase for the seventh consecutive month.

What is clear is that if we see a significant food shortage, that will also lead to major social unrest and political upheaval would be the result. The mismanagement of the EU government may in fact be their undoing. After all, in the course of the current crisis mismanagement as people have lost jobs and told to stay at home or else, their purchasing power has also decreased simultaneously. This is the worst of all possible outcomes and it is why I question are the leaders really this stupid, or are they devious?

The world is by no means prepared for a food crisis. In major cities, the crisis becomes paramount. In Germany, for example, the VAT stands at 19% for basic food and other everyday items. The European high income-taxes and drastically high VAT taxes further reduce the purchasing power of the common citizen. Add to that the problem of distributing food in a crisis in cities. It has long been realized that even cities like New York have at best a 7-day food supply. A crisis that becomes prolonged will result in a collapse of civil order.

There is no question that the upward trend in prices has been set in motion by the coronavirus restrictions.

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This problem could potentially spread to other parts of the world.

Of course, these same EU bureaucrats completely botched the EU’s vaccine roll out. EU bureaucrats waited three months before getting around to ordering vaccines from EU manufacturers. As they dozed, other countries, including Britain, were putting in their orders, which the EU is now threatening to hijack. READ: EU Bureaucrats Try to Seize UK-Made Vaccines After Covid Failures

People have been warning that the full costs of lockdowns will start showing up once they have ended.

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