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Thieving twin sisters play the ‘victim card’

If a multi-million dollar actress with an $11 million home married to a prince can play the victim card then so can twin sisters from Scotland, aged 25, who just pleaded guilty to robbing their grandparents of all their life savings, £8,000. As the two girls bought groceries for their grandparents during the pandemic, the twins also emptied their grandparents’ bank account.

Though the judge sentenced the two to house arrest and a curfew, he never required the two girls to pay back the money.

The grandparents stated that the girls have never apologized for what they did and haven’t even made an effort to pay back the money, because apparently the twin sisters are the real victims in this crime.

The Daily Mail explains:

And several months later they have not repaid any of the stolen cash or even apologised to their heartbroken grandparents, the Daily Record reported.

Mr Pirrie said: ‘Not only have the twins refused to pay the money they stole from us but they haven’t even said sorry.

“They have been acting like they are the victims ever since the court hearing, insisting they haven’t done anything wrong.

‘They are creatures of the lowest form and we are ashamed to be related to them.’

READ: Twins who stole their grandparents’ £8,000 life savings while running errands with their bank card ‘still haven’t said sorry or paid back a penny’ three months after being spared jail

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