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Big Tech’s power grab: Interview with Tim Pool

In an interview with Fox News, popular YouTuber and podcaster Tim Pool had a different take on why three Tech Giants, Google, Apple and Amazon targeted Parler, a popular free speech social media site that was taking on Twitter.

Over the course of a few days, Google and Apple yanked the Parler app from their play stores and in a coupe d’grace Amazon swooped in and said it would no longer host the app’s site.

Many wonder if this was a coordinated attack to take down Parler?

But why?

The official reason is that Big Tech and the woke left accused Parler of being used to coordinate the riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. However, a new study stated that the vast majority of the coordination was done on Facebook and Parler has since announced it saw a bit of that happening on its site and contacted the FBI 50 times to warn them about this. READ Parler says it warned the FBI more than 50 TIMES about violent content in the build-up to the Capitol riot – including rumors of an ‘armed force AND Coordinated Deplatforming Of Parler Under Question As Arrest Numbers Highlight Facebook’s Role In Capitol Hill Riot

So, Tim Poole has another theory. He believes Big Tech’s coordinated attack was done because Parler was growing too fast and was starting to challenge Big Tech’s dominance of American culture and particularly their buddies at Twitter.

Before Parler was taken down it was the fastest growing social media site in America.

If Big Tech can’t control you, they take you down.

Fortunately, Parler is back online.

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