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Palestinian & Jewish Christians pray together in Israel

An interesting article on Kehila News tells how Palestinian and Jewish (Messianic) Christian congregations recently prayed together in an online Zoom prayer meeting during a day of prayer and fasting.

At its peak, an organizer reported that there were hundreds of Jews and Palestinians praying, with the Jews were praying in Hebrew and the Palestinians in Arabic.

Kehila News explains:

The message of a day of prayer and fasting went out to all Messianic congregations in Israel, as well as some Arab congregations.

“It was very blessed,” one of the people who attended testified. “We really felt that we came together as one body.”

During the day, everyone prayed individually or with their congregation. In the evening, people came together at 7pm for a general zoom meeting led by the organizers.

READ: Congregations in Israel – Messianic and Arab Christian – join together for Day of Prayer

There were several Old Testament prophecies speaking of the Day when the gentiles would become part of Kingdom of God (Amos 9: 11-12), a promise that was fulfilled in the Church that incorporated both Jews and gentiles (Acts 15:12-18).

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