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Bullied by Love?

Many people claim to be Christian yet do some very anti-Christian things.  In North America, we have politicians who go to church on Sunday and then enact unbiblical policies Monday. The United States president is an example of this hypocritical confusion by saying he is a devout Catholic and then speaking and acting in favour of abortion.

He is not the only one. Perhaps it is vogue among politicians to claim to be Christian. Maybe it gets them votes. But it will only garner votes if you do not practice what the Bible says.

By invoking some type of relationship with God as you kill babies and attack the notion of Biblical families you sell yourself to the masses. This adds up to deceit as people actually believe that God is condoning gay rights and assisted suicide and abortions. After all, if Biden is a Christian, and he believes these things are okay, then God must be okay with it, right?

The same is true of many celebrities. They claim to be Christian but lead lifestyles and voice beliefs that are not pleasing to the Lord. They espouse that God is love but pervert that love to mean permission. Surely, they reason, if God is love, then he will be okay with whatever I do as long as I’m happy. This mash-up of humanism and false Christianity leads many people away from God. It leads to a hypocritical life in which our words and our actions disagree.

Let me put it this way. If I am a policeman and I tell people crime is okay, I am not a good policeman. Some may even think of me as a hypocrite. If I say I like one thing and then continually do the opposite, doesn’t that make me a hypocrite?

Our leaders are doing just that. They claim to believe in God yet do the opposite of what a believer in God would do. The only time when this is not hypocritical is when you are a demon.

“You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe—and shudder.” (James 2:19)

The demons believe in God and it is in their very nature to act against God. They shudder because they know the truth of their end. It will not go well for them and they know it. Still, they are determined to cause chaos and confusion even among those who believe.

Many of our leaders in industry, government, sports, and entertainment have succumbed to this confusion and are unwittingly spreading a false gospel of comfort and self-love. All under the guise of God’s love meaning permission to sin. If God endorsed any sin, even the modern lifestyle and abortion choices, Jesus would have stayed home in heaven and not gone to the cross. There would be no need since sin would have been deemed okay. This is not sound theology nor sane thinking.

And we have to add churches to this group of deceived leaders. How many times have we heard so-called prophets predict things that don’t happen? Trump was to win two terms as President. This didn’t happen. The world was to end on such and such a date. This never happened. Some preachers actually embrace sin as they preach greed disguised as prosperity. Others embrace sin as they try not to offend people held captive by the grip of sin in order to fill their pews.

People believe those in authority or others who influence society. Our culture has embraced a false gospel of everything goes. If we don’t like what someone tells us, we cancel them. If someone does not agree with abortion or that men should compete with women in sports, they lose their jobs and are villainized.

This whole way of being is based on a twist of the truth. Satan’s first deceit was a twist of the truth when he told Eve she wouldn’t die when she ate the forbidden fruit. Her and every one of her descendants died spiritually since then.

The modern truth twisting is based on the lie that love is permission. If God gives permission for me to sin, then you better not judge me. That makes you bad and me good. You’re the bully and I am the victim.

The real truth sets us free. God is love. That is true. But perfect love builds up and unites us with our Creator. It does not tolerate things that break up our fellowship with God.

You believe in God? Then act like it!


Andy Becker is a pastor, retired counsellor and former CEO of a Hospice organization. His book, The Travelers, is available at and

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I am a writer, public speaker, and counsellor. I write stories about spiritual warfare and how God transforms us through faith, trust, and struggles.

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