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High school band practise in tents?

Band members at Wenatchee High School in Washington State, USA practising inside tents. CREDIT: Twitter video screenshot via @Q13FoxKiggins

People are mocking Wenatchee High School in Washington State, USA, after it had members of its band play their musical instrument inside green tents during practice.

The Blaze explains:

Wenatchee High School in Washington state came up with a novel way to allow band members to practice their instruments while remaining socially distant in the battle against COVID-19 — placing the students inside individual tents, KCPQ-TV reported.

We are not putting these in every classroom,” Principal Eric Anderson told the station, adding that the idea was a collaboration with local health officials. “I don’t want anybody to think out there this is the solution to more kids in the classroom. I don’t think that would work, but in this scenario, it’s worked really well.”

READ: High school mercilessly mocked for placing band students in tents so they can practice amid pandemic

People had their opinions:

It reminds me of another bizarre high school story, where (good for them) the Ohio High School Athletic Association allowed students to participate in wrestling matches, but then wouldn’t allow them to shake hands after the match. READ: High-school wrestlers allowed to grapple, but shaking opponent’s hand now forbidden

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