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University student posts his horrific encounter with police

You must watch this video to fully understand the student’s pain!!!

After what can only be described as a horrific, horrid, horrible, hateful, hurtful, heinous, hideous, and horrendous encounter with police, a student attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis went on Instagram to call for the police to be defunded.

The Minneapolis police responded by posting video of the horrifying encounter. The student actually asked the police officer for a ride.

To fully appreciate the TRUE HORROR experienced by this white student, who claimed to be racially profiled, you must watch the video above.

David Thompson provides a breakdown of the student’s post (the student’s comments are italicized).

One sudden move and I would be shot.

A student at the University of Minnesota shares his first-hand experience of racial profiling and police brutality:

After multiple questions, they turned off their lights and left me alone: no apology, no explanation, nothing. Just me: mentally and emotionally tormented with an experience that will last a lifetime.

You see,

It was brutal.

Not only brutal, but,  

the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced.  

READ: Fishing for Status AND MUST READ: Local UofM Student Makes Case of Racial Profiling-UMPD Responds

However, what is really horrific, horrid, horrible, hateful, hurtful, heinous, hideous, and horrendous about this is that students are paying universities money for this specialized form of brainwashing.

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